Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Night in Haiti

Aaron here. Just got off the phone with Jessica. Tonight is Jessica and Nathan's last night in Haiti. Tomorrow they head back across the border into the Dominican Republic to begin the process of getting back stateside. Apparently roaming charges are being waved for Haiti but not for the DR, so this was the last voice communication we will have until Monday.

Yesterday Jessica and Nathan collected 25 more orphans, single moms, and pregnant women and brought them back to Juampas. Today they built beds for the orphans and went and got more resources for the refugees.

Nathan spent some time today conducting some interviews for a movie that he is making about the trip. They also spent some time helping Johnston and Pascal apply for student visas and admission to UNC.

The Juampas girls braided Jessica's hair into dozens of little braids. I tried to convince her to keep them until she returned, but she refuses on the grounds of needing to get a real, thorough washing once in the DR. She did, however, promise to take pictures.

You would think that the fatigue and layers of dirt and sweat on her scalp would make her overjoyed to be returning, but she's not. She's excited for a glass of lemonade WITH ICE, but she's not ready to leave. Neither of them are.

I made Jessica promise that she would text me at least once each day till she can call again. I'll post when she does.

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